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Fast advances in microelectronic integration and the arrival of Systems-on-Chip have fueled the necessity for high-level synthesis, i. e. , an automatic method of the synthesis of from behavioral descriptions. SPARK: A Parallelizing method of the excessive - point Synthesis of electronic Circuits provides a unique method of the high-level synthesis of electronic circuits - that of parallelizing high-level synthesis (PHLS).

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A first sketch of the structure of a system or for describing standardized architectures as used in large application systems. One possible direction for future development to address this point is graphical representation of static and dynamic aspects of the system under development. Acknowledgements. Thanks to Didier Bert, R˘ azvan Diaconescu, Chris George, Bernd Krieg-Br¨ uckner, and Horst Reichel for helpful comments. Bibliography [ABB+ 86] E. Astesiano, C. Bendix Nielsen, N. Botta, A. Fantechi, A.

A. Bergstra, editors, Algebraic Methods: Theory, Tools and Applications, volume 394 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 283–328. Springer, 1989. B. Krieg-Br¨ uckner and D. Sannella. Structuring specifications in-thelarge and in-the-small: higher-order functions, dependent types and inheritance in SPECTRAL. In Proc. Colloq. on Combining Paradigms for Software Development, Joint Conf. on Theory and Practice of Software Development (TAPSOFT), volume 494 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 313–336.

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