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By Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen, Jared Douglas Rhoton

A transparent Differentiation of the 3 Codes offers the 1st English translation of the sDom gsum rab dbye, some of the most recognized and arguable doctrinal treatises of Tibetan Buddhism. Written by means of Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen (1182–1251), a founding father of the Sakya institution and certainly one of Tibet’s such a lot discovered sages, the 3 Codes strongly encouraged next non secular and highbrow traditions in Tibet—and sparked a few long-lasting doctrinal and philosophical disputes, a few of which persist at the present time. within the 3 Codes, Sakya Pandita discusses the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Tantric vows of Buddhist behavior, which frequently diverge and contradict one another. He criticizes, on at the least one aspect or one other, later practitioners of virtually each lineage, together with the Kadampa, Kagyupa, and Nyingmapa, for contradicting the unique teachings in their personal traditions.

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He also studied the tantras under Ngorchen Kunga Sangpo and Miichen Konchog Gyaltshen at Ngor. Also at Ngor he studied A Clear Diffirentiation ofthe Three Codes under the learned master Gungruwa. In 1474, he established the scholastic college of Tanak Thupten Namgyal near Shigatse, where the study of Sapan's Treasure of Reasoning (Rigs gter) and Clear Diffirentiation ofthe Three Codes (sDom gsum rab dbye) was featured. At the age of fifty-four, Gorampa became abbot of Ngor Monastery and held that office for four years.

65 The Third Council, too, according to Sapan, was convened to refute the false theories of Mahadeva, a corrupt but immensely popular monk. 6S Hence Nagarjuna and other Madhyamikas did not hesitate to analyze and reject the inferior theories and interpretations of the Hinayana and lower Mahayana schools. 69 Then, after the eclipse of Buddhism through the persecution led by King Langdarma (died mid-ninth century), the great translator Rinchen Sangpo (958-1055) and his disciple Shiwa 0, a royal monk of Guge, had campaigned to purify the religion of widespread abuses in tantric practices by writing, respectively, The Differentiation ofDharma from Non-Dharma (Chos dang chos ma yin gyi rnam par 'byed pa) and The Refutation ofErroneous Mantra Teachings (sNgags log sun 'byin pa).

Sapan, DSIII 587-588. For Khedrup Je's account of the councils, see also Lessing and Wayman (1968), pp. 63-67. 34 Sakya Pandita's Life and Work 66. Sapan, DSIII 589-597. 67. See Shakya Chokden, sDom pa gsum gyi rab tu dbye bdi bstan bcos kyi 'bel gtam gser gyi thur ma, in The Complete Works ofgSer-mdog Pa~-chen Shiikya-mchog-ldan, vol. j, fols. , supplementary questions no. 4 and 5; and Gorampa, DSKhP, fol. 62a (reDS III 597). 68. This kind of doctrinal criticism was accepted as legitimate by Gampopa in his public sermon, the Tshogschos legs mdzes ma, p.

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