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Structural Equation Modeling: Concepts, Issues, and Applications

This mostly nontechnical quantity reports a few of the significant matters dealing with researchers who desire to use structural equation modeling. person chapters current fresh advancements on specification, estimation and trying out, statistical strength, software program comparisons and studying multitrait/multimethod info.

Philosophy and the human sciences (Philosophical Papers 2)

Charles Taylor has been some of the most unique and influential figures in modern philosophy: his 'philosophical anthropology' spans an strangely wide variety of theoretical pursuits and attracts creatively on either Anglo-American and Continental traditions in philosophy. a range of his released papers is gifted the following in volumes, based to point the path and crucial team spirit of the paintings.

Vom Einzelfall zum Typus: Fallvergleich und Fallkontrastierung in der qualitativen Sozialforschung

Die Konstruktion von Kategorien und die Bildung von Typen durch Fallvergleich und Fallkontrastierung sind zentrale Verfahren interpretativer Sozialforschung. In dem Band werden methodologische Grundlagen und die forschungspraktische Durchführung von Kategorien- und Typenbildung anhand zahlreicher empirischer Beispiele anschaulich dargestellt und diskutiert.

The Early Origins of the Social Sciences

Arguing that the beginnings of the social sciences expand a lot additional again than is mostly learned, this article strains the methodological foundations, study suggestions, and easy suggestions of the social sciences from their earliest origins to the start of this century. This research allows her to supply empirical refutation of contemporary radical, feminist, and environmentalist reviews that assert that the social sciences unavoidably aid the ability kinfolk of the established order, are antithetical to the pursuits of girls, and are inherently associated with the domination and destruction of nature.

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The balance between autonomy and togetherness is actuated through ‘moral individualism’. The source of this is Christianity, or Protestantism to be more exact: Since for the Christian, virtue and piety do not consist in material procedures, but interior states of the soul, he is compelled to exercise a perpetual watch over himself. … Thus of the two possible poles of thought, nature on the one hand, and man on the other, it is necessarily around the second that the thought of Christian societies has come to gravitate.

This fin de siècle spirit parallels that of recent times: ‘a deliberate breaking away from the seriousness of tradition … and a seemingly liberal concern with what might still be termed socialist, democratic, humanistic ideals of justice and equality’ (Meštrovic´ 1992: ix). This characterization is not without its problems. Indeed, we would probably not want to live in the preEnlightenment world, given the choice. Yet there are reasons for having reservations about the legacy the Enlightenment has left us.

Are then replaced by two different questions. ’ (T. Johnson et al. 1984: 78). Although discussions of phenomenology are found under the broad heading of ‘interpretivist social theory’, there are important variations in its unfolding history. After all, in their different ways, Husserl and Dilthey were still pursuing an Enlightenment ideal: that is, the search for ‘true’ knowledge. Their approach was to be challenged and modified in the writings of Martin Heidegger (1889–1976), who moved the focus of phenomenology from epistemology to ontology.

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