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20 UHF system operation Fig. 21 UHF tags [17] Fig. 22 UHF single antenna and gate antenna [9] CS RFID: Fundamentals and Applications 21 5 RFID in Automotive Automobile theft has increased year by year creating demands for extra vehicle security systems beyond the mechanical key. Especially after boarders with Eastern Europe fell in the 1990s, automobile theft has increased dramatically. European insurances companies required immobilizer systems to decrease theft rates. Different systems appeared on the market such as locks with pin codes and electronic contact sticks, besides the mechanical key.

Secondary, we determine the access privilege of each party that may contact the tag. In a pharmaceutical chain, the manufacturer, distributors, retailers, and even customers may access the same tag at a different time. It is very important to determine who should access which portion of tag data. Access functionalities can include read, write, and append. One may limit the maximum number of accesses that a party is allowed for a particular memory asset over a given time period. If necessary, we need to build an access model to classify trust levels and elaborate access modes.

However, tags without or with limited functionality as well as tags that are reused by different entities will be at a disadvantage concerning privacy protection. Therefore, software integrity is a concern for tags with general modification capability. 2 Privacy Privacy becomes a real concern [3] when tags are massively implemented in the mainstream, for example on banknotes, passports, credit cards, medicines, and clothing. Further, in most anticounterfeiting applications, tags may carry and broadcast information that are very sensitive to individuals.

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