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This reference quantity is the definitive consultant to the economics and politics of the center East. It presents transparent definitions detailing phrases, suggestions, names and corporations utilized in relation to present fiscal or political views within the center East. Entries outline, clarify and provides extra correct info on international locations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, firms, rules and disputes.

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It is unclear who assumed leadership of the group after the death of ‘Abu Nidal’/al-Banna in November 2002 in Baghdad. Ansar-e Hezbollah Iranian youth movement, founded in 1995. Seeks to gain access to the political process for religious militants. Ansar al-Islam The name means ‘the supporters of Islam’ in Arabic. Reputed to have started life as Jund al-Islam, a radical offshoot of an Iranian-backed Islamist group, based in Halabja with a predominantly Kurdish membership. After their formation Jund seized Tawela and Biyara and declared jihad against the secular Kurdish authorities and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

From 1974 until 1977 he was Israel’s foreign minister. Aloni, Shulamit Israeli politician and lawyer. Born in 1929. Participated in the War of Independence, defending Jerusalem. Worked as a teacher, producer, and columnist. Joined Mapai in 1959. Elected as a member of the Knesset. A political and economic dictionary of the middle east 34 Am Ehad One Nation Israeli political party. Workers’ and pensioners’ party affiliated to the Histadrut, the trade union federation. Amal An abbreviation of Afwaj al-Muqawma al-Lubnaniya (Lebanese Resistance Detachments or Lebanese Militia); also known as the Amal (‘Hope’) Organization of Lebanon—the acronym means ‘hope’ in Arabic.

During the 1990s and in the approach to the US-led intervention in Iraq in 2003 the INA provided intelligence for both the US Central Intelligence Agency and the United Kingdom’s MI6 intelligence agency, was responsible for information that referred to the possibility of the deployment in 45 minutes of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and provided a counterbalance to the Iraqi National Congress and Ahmad Chalabi which were favoured by the Pentagon. On his return to Iraq after the war, he was appointed by Paul Bremer to the IGC, of whose security committee he is chairman.

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