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By Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

The Nepalese part of the author's international geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod.
Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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33). It is interesting to note that Bla-ma Btsan-po, who wrote his geography of Nepal about the same time that Hamilton wrote his book, considered the Shresthas to be nonBuddhists, as implied by his statement that they and the Indians have other explanations than the Buddhist do for calling Bodhn&th a " cemetery " slOpa. L4vi. on the other hand, writing ca. 1903, appears to agree with Bla-ma Btsan-po that the Shresthas were non-Bud­ dhist, because he classifies them as being one of the " castes kgalriyas " (L4vi, I, p 339).

334). 70 This is the Klrapda-vyOha sOlra, which praises Avalokita as the presiding deity of the universe. A versified edition, called Gupa-kArapda-vyOha, gives an account of how Avalokita produced the material world and the gods of Hinduism from his body. Siva is said to have been produced from Avalokita's forehead (Eliot, II, p. S7). The prose ver­ sion is said to be the first work translated into the then newly devised Tibetan script by Thon-mi Sambho|a. Buddhist tradition in Tibet says this teat fell from heaven during the reign of Lha-tho-tho-ri gnyan-blsan (Padma dhor-po'i chot-’byvng, folio 97-b; Deb-ther Dmar-po, Gangtok edition 1961, folio 16-a).

There is also one near the mchodrien 'Phags-pa Shing-kun (Swayambhunith) called B ha-lak-ni-lakan|ha 77, which generally resembles the other two. As for the story of these two (P u-(a-ni-la-kantha and B ha-lak-nila-kantha): “ In former times, a king of Nepal, who was quite blinded by sin, went to visit (the image of ‘Phags-pa (AvalokiteSvara) at G ausan-sthan; but he saw nothing whatsoever. Returning, he asked his 72 Shi-la-na-gar appears lo be the village of Srinagar downstream from Badrinath on the Alaknanda river.

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