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By Andrew D. Lambert

From the guy defined through Amanda Foreman as 'one of the main eminent naval historians of our age' comes the tale of ways this country's maritime strength helped Britain achieve remarkable dominance of the world's economic climate. advised in the course of the lives of ten of our such a lot awesome admirals, Andrew Lambert's e-book spans Elizabethan instances to the second one global warfare, culminating with the spirit which led Andrew Browne Cunningham famously to claim, while the military feared he could lose too many ships, 'it takes 3 years to construct a boat; it takes 3 centuries to construct a tradition'.

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If he achieved that, he might do some damage to the Queen’s enemies. However, the warships Howard commanded were designed to fight in an entirely new way. Here social rank proved to be a major advantage. Despite his seafaring experience, Howard was not such a fool as to think he knew how to fight a sea battle. He assembled an expert council, containing Drake, Hawkins, the pirate Martin Frobisher and the royal captain Thomas Fenner, as well as his cousin Lord Thomas Howard and his nephew Lord Sheffield.

Charles Howard was born in 1536. His father William, later the first Lord Effingham, was too poor for treason – invariably a rich man’s sport – and stuck close to the throne, occupying several prominent offices, including Lord Admiral, and later Lord Chamberlain. After a medieval education, living in the noble house of his uncle Norfolk and then with a leading Huguenot family in France, Charles Howard entered a court that was full of his relatives. He first went to sea when his father became Queen Mary’s Lord Admiral in 1554, and did so at intervals over the next thirty years.

While his fellow commander William Winter was the seaman, Howard’s presence demonstrated that England took the charge seriously. Aware that Spanish and papal agents believed that the Spanish fleet could be used to invade England, overthrowing Queen Elizabeth in favour of Mary, Queen of Scots, Howard’s squadron combined polite gestures with significant force. Nor was Howard restricted to military functions: in 1574 and 1575 he acted as Lord Chamberlain while the Earl of Sussex was indisposed. His father had held this office until his death in 1573 and Howard knew the routine, delighting in the public display, parade and pomp of courtly life.

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