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K ,Suzukl, M and Kawazoe, K ,AIChE Journal, 24, 24 1 (1978)) Heat of Adsorpiton 51 Fig 3 15 Adsorpt~onisotherms of xenon on MSC 5Aat0°Cand 19OC Dotted llnes and so11d lines correspond to the Henry type equatlon and the D-A equatlon. 3. Heat of Adsorption Adsorpt~on IS accompanled by evolut~onof heat slnce adsorbate molecules are more stablllzed on the adsorbent surface than In the bulk phase Adsorpt~onIS accompanled by phase change and thus depending on the occaslon ~tmay lnvolve mechanical work For thls reason, theamount of heat evolution by unlt adsorpt~ondepends on the system adopted (Ross and Olivier, 1964).

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