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By James Mahoney

Opposed to the backdrop of an explosion of curiosity in new strategies for facts assortment and idea trying out, this quantity presents a clean programmatic assertion approximately comparative-historical research. It examines the advances and exact contributions that CHA has made to conception iteration and the reason of large-scale results that more moderen ways frequently regard as empirically intractable. An introductory essay locates the resources of CHA's enduring effect in middle features that distinguish this technique, comparable to its realization to approach and its dedication to empirically grounded, deep case-based examine. next chapters discover wide study courses encouraged via CHA paintings, new analytic instruments for learning temporal approaches and institutional dynamics, and up to date methodological instruments for examining sequences and for combining CHA paintings with different methods. This quantity is vital interpreting for students looking to find out about the resources of CHA's enduring impact and its modern analytical and methodological options.

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2010. Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Christia, Fotini. 2012. Alliance Formation in Civil Wars. New York: Cambridge University Press. , and Doug Guthrie, eds. 2010. Politics and Partnerships: The Role of Voluntary Associations in America’s Political Past and Present. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Culpepper, Pepper D. 2010. Quiet Politics and Business Power: Corporate Control in Europe and Japan.

13 Both employ a similar comparative logic based on carefully matched cases. Moreover, studies based on natural experiments – like much of CHA – typically seek to understand the effect of a variable on a macro outcome in a particular case rather than to generalize about an average effect for a broad population. Yet very few natural experiments in political science meet the demanding criteria for a true natural experiment (Dunning 2012; Sekhon and Titiunik 2012). Instead, scholars examine cases that are matched on key dimensions but that often do not fully meet the assumption of “as-if” random assignment to treatment.

18 With an increasing returns process, options that are available early on, but not chosen, recede as actors organize their strategies around the path “taken” in ways that render a return to the status quo ante more difficult over time (Pierson 2000). Power dynamics can follow a similar logic: early winners may gain resources and other advantages that make it difficult for losers to make a comeback (Mahoney 2000; Pierson, Chapter 5, this volume). These kinds of 18 For a discussion of the different meanings assigned to path dependence as part of a taxonomy of forms of institutional change, see Rixen and Viola (2014).

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