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By Paul Feyerabend

Smooth philosophy of technology has paid nice consciousness to the certainty of clinical 'practice', not like focus on medical 'method'. Paul Feyerabend's acclaimed paintings, which has contributed enormously to this new emphasis, indicates the deficiencies of a few frequent principles concerning the nature of data. He argues that the one possible motives of clinical successes are historic reasons, and that anarchism needs to now change rationalism within the thought of data. The 3rd version of this vintage textual content includes a new preface and extra reflections at quite a few issues during which the writer takes account either one of fresh debates on technology and at the impression of clinical items and practices at the human group. whereas disavowing populism or relativism, Feyerabend maintains to insist that the voice of the inexpert needs to be heard. hence many environmental perils have been first pointed out by means of non-experts opposed to triumphing assumptions within the medical group. Feyerabend's tough reassessment of medical claims and understandings are as stinky and well timed as ever.

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B. Krieg, Green Medicine, New York, 1964. 38 AGAINST METHOD Pluralism of theories and metaphysical views is not only important for methodology, it is also an essential part ofa humanitarian outlook. Progressive educators have always tried to develop the individuality of their pupils and to bring to fruition the particular, and sometimes quite unique, talents and beliefs of a child. Such an education, however, has very often seemed to be a futile exercise in day­ dreaming. For is it not necessary to prepare the young for life as it actually is?

I shall first examine the counterrule that urges us to develop hypotheses inconsistent with accepted and highly confirmed theories. Later on I shall examine the counterrule that urges us to develop hypotheses inconsistent with well-establishedfaas. The results may be summarized as follows. In the first case it emerges that the evidence that might refute a theory can often be unearthed only with the help of an incompatible alternative: the advice (which goes back to Newton and which is still very popular today) to use alternatives only when refutations have already discredited the orthodox theory puts the cart before the 20 TWO 21 horse.

For a colourful description of the event and its impact, cf. M. , New York, 1 986, pp. 75fT. 9. Chazy, op. , p. 230. 10. Repeating considerations by Newcomb (reported, for example, in Chazy, op. , pp. 204ff), Dicke pointed out that an oblateness of the sun would add classical terms to Mercury's motion and reduce the excess (compared with Newton's theory) advance of its perihelion. Measurements by Dicke and Goldenberg then found a difference of 52 km between the equatorial and polar diameter of the sun and a corresponding reduction of three seconds of arc for Mercury - a sizeable deviation from the relativistic value.

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