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11 Polymer Names and Structures Common Name Chemical Name Abbreviation Structure Polythene Polyethylene HD HDPE (e-cHz-CHz~ n Crystalline PVC Polyvinyl chloride PVC LCHz-9Hj n Cl Amorphous/ slightly crystalline Polystyrene Polystyrene PS LCH'Ol. -NHirm,u-~ [ J CH3 t e--cH2-~=cH-CHz-e CH, CH3 Elastomer n J J CH2 • • Amorphous/ crystalline n --o-CH,-o-CH,-<1 OH LOH CH2 Crystal! ine n e--o-~-o~~~ 0 Bakelite State Amorphous n 6-9 7. 1 Solids Unless otherwise stated, all properties are given for a temperature of20°C.

_ r! r = 0, 1, ... 2 Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables Exponential Distribution f(x) =A-e-M: a'-= 1/A-2 probability density function p= 1/A. x~O. l = 0 and a= 1. z 2 ,P(z) = - - e 2 J2; z Its cumulative distribution function lP(z) = J~ e -t12 dt -oo is the probability that the random variable is observed to have a value s; z (the shaded area shown in the graph ofN(0,1) on page 4-3). l) "'s ~ , where f(x)dx = 1 = tP -00 4-2 l k (x-p) l u Its cumulative distribution F(x) = e -tr 2 dt = cP( x ~11 ) .

Symbols for properties in capitals refer to a given mass of material, those in lower case are per unit mass ("specific"). 4 A Fluid Mechanics In fluid mechanics pressures can generally be either absolute or gauge. Either may be used except where specifically noted. _]_ pu2 d2 dp pu2 dr r Vortex flow: -=-- Free vortex: ur = const; Forced vortex: Constant area flow with friction (Fanno): !!.. 99 . 6 Dimensionless coefficients: gH Head: KH = - 2 - 2 Flow: KQ w D Q = - -3 ~ Dimensionless specific speed (rad/s): (()s = ~ mQ 2 3 (gH)4 = = Power: Kp wD Power 3 pw D 5 ~ KQ 2 --3 KH 4 = m(power) 2 ~ s p2 (gH)4 7Jmax Dimensionless diameter: PJ -pv p NPSE: Dimensionless suction specific speed: a or k Cavitation number: = Poo - Pv I 2 IPVoo Thoma cavitation number: Gih = PJ- Pv P2- P1 =( (()sKs Jf Suffices in these definitions: oo = reference, v=vapour, 1 = low pressure side, 2 = high pressure side.

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