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By Norman Fairclough

Analysing Discourse is an available introductory textbook for all scholars and researchers operating with actual language data.

Drawing on quite a number social theorists from Bourdieu to Habermas, in addition to his personal study, Norman Fairclough's publication offers a kind of language research with a continuously social viewpoint. His process is illustrated via and investigated via a number of genuine texts, from written texts, to a television debate concerning the monarchy and a radio broadcast in regards to the Lockerbie bombing. The student-friendly e-book additionally deals obtainable summaries, an appendix of instance texts, and a word list of phrases and key theorists.

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Sample text

Think about ((59)) anger as blocked assertion and you can see why it is better to constantly put forward what you need and don't need. If you don't assert yourself in small ways, the resentment builds up, and then suddenly you let fly. A number of propositional assumptions can be identified here. First, there is a the `dualist' and religious assumption that the `spirit' stands in contrast with the body, the inner self with the `outer' self. Second, it is assumed that focusing on `spiritual growth' means being `inward looking' and `feeling in touch with your soul ', a bridging assumption which is necessary for a coherent semantic relation between the first two sentences.

Compare this with Example 3, which was discussed in chapter 2, where again one can see the process of producing an apparently consensual text. The public sphere Example 8 is taken from a TV `debate' (this is how the programme was represented) on the future of the monarchy in Britain. One can see Extract 1 of Example 8 as basically scenario (b), a polemical accentuation of the differences between members of the panel. TV `debate' often takes this form (Fairclough 1995b, Livingstone and Lunt 1994).

Seeking hegemony is a matter of seeking to universalize particular meanings in the service of achieving and maintaining dominance, and this is ideological work. g. assuming the existence of a `global marketplace' in the sentence referred to in the discussion of hegemony: `These are the students with whom our young people must compete for jobs and university places in a global marketplace'). Similarly in the European Union text, both the assumption that globalization is a reality and the assumption that globalization is economic progress might be seen as doing ideological work.

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